Sailing To Byzantium Bangla Summary By W B Yeats

Sailing To Byzantium Bangla Summary

The main topic sentence of “Sailing To Byzantium” by William Butler Yeats is the speaker’s desire to escape the limitations of his physical body and attain immortality through the creation of art. Here Sailing To Byzantium Bangla Summary is written by HonoursBd. Sailing To Byzantium Summary in Bangla কবিতার শুরুতে, কবি “That” সর্বনামটি ব্যবহার করে … Read more

The Lake Isle of Innisfree Bangla Summary

the lake isle of innisfree

The poet in this poem longs to get to Innisfree so he might dwell happily in his cabin there. But the poet’s current circumstance is exactly the reverse of what he wants. Ultimately, the poet seeks calm in the poem, which he believes he can only find close to Innisfree Lake. Here we know about … Read more