NU Honours 3rd year form fill up 2023

Today, the circular for filling up NU Honours third-year forms for the 2019–2020 academic year was posted on National University. The National University’s official website allows you to view the 2020 National University 3rd-year form fill-up. Exam Form Fill-Up Notice for NU Honors Third Year (2017–2018 Session) in 2021.

Honours 3rd Year Form Fill-Up Last Date And Time

Today’s announcement for completing the National University’s honours 3rd-year form was issued. But the dates shown below are for the informality Honours 3rd Year Form Fill-Up Online Application Time Expiry Date and Payment Submission Date Via Sonali Seba. Finally, you can submit the necessary paperwork and the form by the date.

Honours 3rd year form fill up session 2017-2018

Filling out the form for the third-year honor for 2022 will begin on December 19, 2022. The third year of the honors undergraduate program at the National University of Bangladesh is the stage each student completes. The results for the third year of honors were released a few days ago in August 2022. After announcing the results, the National University of Bangladesh issues a form for third-year honors students to fill out on their official website,

NU Hon’s Third-year form fill up notice

Do you need the 2022 Honours Third Year Form Fill Up? The fact that we have posted your Form Fill Up notification here in the form of images and PDF files, however, means that you are in the proper spot. Therefore, you may download your Form Fill-Up notice below as a photo or PDF file.

Hon’s third-year new form fill up a new notice

Start of the online application: December 19, 2022
Application Closing Date: January 19, 2023
Date of College Receipt of Printed Form: 19 January 2023 (Last Date By students).
Date of College Authority Funds Submission: January 22, 2023

Regarding the completion of the application form for candidates of the 2019 Honors 3rd-year test at the National University, a supplemental notification has been made public (regular, irregular, and grade promotion). The form-filling and submission deadline for the 2019 Honors 3rd-year test (regular, irregular, and grade improvement examination) was set for December 18, 2019, according to the published announcement. Many students from various institutions have requested permission to complete the form with the principal’s endorsement.

Fees of Hons 3rd year form fill up

For the second year of honors, form 2022 must meet certain standards. To pay for college, you must have some money. The NU shall determine and establish the cost of the exam centers, the third-year form-filling charge, and other expenses. We have included a chart below for your convenience that lists the costs for the various portions of the Honours Third Year Exam in 2023.

Theoretical(Every Subject)200/-
In-course Exam Fees300/-
Centers Fees450/-
Practical Exam Fees120/-
Improvement Fees(Every Subject)300/-

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