NU Honours 4th Year Form Fill Up 2023 session 2017-18

Do you need the Honours 4th Year Form Fill Up with the 2023 notice?

This form’s execution verifies for regular students’ sessions 2017–18 and 2016–2017 irregular students. Additionally accessible to students who failed one or more additional subjects during the academic years 2016–17 and 2015–16. Here is all the information you need to fill out your online Honours 4th Year Form Fill Up application. Both our website, HonoursBD, and the website of the national university are accessible to students.

  • Application Start: 12 February 2023
  • Application End: 13 March 2023

অনার্স ৪র্থ বর্ষের ফর্ম ফিল আপ সম্পর্কে আরো বিস্তারিত জানতে নিচে দেওয়া নোটিস গুলো সম্পূর্ন পড়ুন।

New Notice for Hon’s 4th year form fill up by National University

Nu Published one new notice for Honours final year students. This Notice was published on 08 February 2023. Here, we will show you this notice image.

NU Honours 4th year Form Fill Up Notice 2021

When Will the Notice for National University’s 4th-year Honours Form Fill Up Be Published?

The date this notice was published is February 6, 2023. The national university’s online notice for filling out the 4th-year honours application form reads that the application period will begin on February 12 and end on March 13 of 2023.

NU Honours 4th year exam form fill up requirements

Students enrolled in regular sessions, such as NU Honours 2013–2014 Session, 2014–2015, and 2016–2017 Session students, will be able to complete the Honours form for the 2020 National University 4th Year Exam.

Unusual: Unusual sessions The Honours 4th-year form will be available for completion by students in the sessions of 2010–11, 2011–12, and 2012–13 in order to sit for the 2019 National University 4th-year exam.

Grade improvement: Students who passed their 4th-year test in 2021 but failed one or were absent from one topic will be eligible to sit for the 4th-year exam again in 2020 if they fill out the necessary paperwork.

Honours form fill up Fees And Payment System in National University

to pay for filling up Each student may submit their payment through Sure Cash, Sonali Seba Online, or by receiving their selected bank slip and AC number from their college, according to the National University Honors Fourth-year Form Fill-up Notice-2021.

Filling out the honours form fill up will cost you some money. Prior to this, students had to deposit this money with the college. The college is no longer required to make a deposit. In 2023, each sector is required to make an online payment of a specified amount. At the National University office, it is instantly deposited online.

Theoretical(Every Subject)200/-
In-course Exam Fees300/-
Centres Fees450/-
Practical Exam Fees120/-
Improvement Fees(Every Subject)300/-

Honours 4th Year Form Fill Up apply online

You must submit your fourth-year application online. We are now demonstrating to you how to fill up your way.

  • the official Go Nu website, first click here.
  • Your registration number should go in the blank space in the room.
  • The list of your subjects will then appear.
  • After entering your phone number, click “Submit.”
  • Print out the file

The online technology will be used for all form-filling activities. Therefore, students may apply both online and in person at their universities. Every Student may collect Honors Exam Form filled out from NU Website at or However, they must submit a Form with the required supporting documentation, and the bank must appropriately pay the draft to the Respected College.

ফরম ফিল আপের জন্য আপনি আপনার কলেজে যোগাযোগ করুন। তারাই আপনার সকল কাজ গুলো করে দিবে।টাকার ব্যাপারটা সরকারীর তুলনায় বেসরকারী কলেজ গুলোতে একটু বেশি নিবে।

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