After Apple Picking Bangla Summary By Robert Frost

The main topic of After Apple Picking is life and death. Here, it is obvious that the woodchuck and evening represent death. The work of the apple picker serves as a metaphor for life’s ambiguity. The poem’s all-pervasive effect of nature on people is another important theme. Here, we will introduce After Apple Picking Bangla Summary.

After Apple Picking Summary in Bangla

After Apple picking কবিতাটি লিখেছেন robert frost. এটি ৪২ লাইনের একটি কবিতা। কবিতাটি ১৯৪১ সালে প্রকাশিত হয়। এই কবিতায় কবি নতুন ইংল্যান্ডের প্রকৃতিকে খুব সুন্দর ভাবে তুলে ধরেছেন।

কবিতার শুরুতে speaker বাগান থেকে একটি আপেল সংগ্রহ করেন।গাছের সাথে মই গিয়ে তিনি একটার পর একটা আপেল সংগ্রহ করেন। দিন শেষে তিনি ক্লান্ত তিনি যেন আর একটা আপেল ও সংগ্রহ করতে চাচ্ছেন না। তিনি যখন ঘুমাতে যান তখন তিনি মনে করেন আপেল পাড়ার সেই কষ্টের কথা। এই কষ্টের কথা তার কাছে দুঃস্বপ্ন হিসেবে দেখা দেয়। তিনি আশা করেন তার এই কষ্টটা তার কাছে দুঃস্বপ্নের মতো হবে যখন তিনি ঘুমাতে যাবেন। তিনি স্বপ্নের মধ্যে অনুভব করেন তার সারা দিনের কষ্টগুলো কষ্টের কথাগুলো। কবি এই কবিতায় শীতকালের আপেল বাগানের আপেল সংগ্রহ করার একটি দৃশ্য খুব সুন্দর ভাবে তুলে ধরেছেন। এই Apple picking এর মধ্য দিয়ে কবি মানুষের জীবনযাপন এবং মানুষের মৃত্যু এই জিনিসগুলোকে সুন্দরভাবে তুলে ধরেছেন।

রবার্ট ফ্রস্ট যখন কোন কবিতা লিখেন তিনি এলিগেরিকাল এর মত করে কবিতা লিখেন, কোন একটা জিনিসের আড়ালে একটা হেডিং মিনিং দিয়ে দেন, এটিও তেমনি একটি কবিতা। এখানে কবি দেখিয়েছেন একজন লোক আপেল সংগ্রহ করছেন তিনি ক্লান্ত হয়ে যাচ্ছেন তার ঘুম আসছে। এখানে বুঝা যায় কবি যেন সাধারণভাবে কথাগুলো বলছেন কিন্তু এর মাঝে কবি একটি hiden meaning দিয়ে দিচ্ছেন। এই কবিতায় কবি আপেল সংগ্রহকারীর কর্মকাণ্ডের ভিতর দিয়ে মানুষের জীবনের মৃত্যুকে তুলে ধরছেন।

After Apple Picking Analysis

I left an empty barrel beside my tall two-legged ladder that was placed in a tree and pointed above. I’m not picking apples anymore, though there may be a couple on a branch that I missed. I can smell apples and the night is starting to feel like winter. I’m nodding off.

I picked up a chunk of ice out of a water trough this morning and peered through it into the icy grass, and I can’t quit thinking about the strange image I got.

Before it touched the ground, I was already nodding off and I knew the type of nightmares I was about to have: close-ups of apples fading in and out, some displaying their tops and others showing their opposite ends. It started to melt, so I dropped it. Every red and brown fleck is distinct in my view.

My foot’s arch continues to hurt, and I can still feel a ladder rung pressing on it. The ladder is still somewhat shifting as the apple tree’s branches sway. The sound of tons and tons of apples being rolled into the cellar bin can be heard repeatedly.

Apple picking has grown old to me. Even though I expected this big crop, I’m tired.

There were untold thousands of apples that I could have gently chosen without letting them drop to the ground. Even fruits that weren’t damaged or tainted by the fall but touched the ground were regarded as useless and only good for cider. If I even sleep at all, you can understand why I’m likely to have a difficult night. Whether the woodchuck wasn’t already hibernating for the winter, he may be able to inform me if the sleep I’m about to have is similar to his hibernation or if it’s just usual human sleep.

What is the theme and message of the poem’s story?

The poem’s lesson or message is known as its theme. Does the poem make any comments about life or the nature of people? The topic would be that message, and a poem, even one as brief as “We Real Cool,” may have more than one theme.

What people appear in this Poem?

The speaker and a woodchuck are the two characters in this Poem.

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Summary of After Apple Picking poem by robert frost

“After Apple Picking” is a poem by Robert Frost that was published in 1914 in his collection “North of Boston.” The poem is written in free verse and consists of 42 lines divided into eight stanzas of varying length. It is a reflection on the end of a harvest season and the speaker’s feelings about his experiences picking apples.

The poem begins with the speaker describing the apple-picking process, focusing on the physical sensations of the work. The speaker also notes that the work is tiring and that he has been picking apples for a long time.

As the poem progresses, the speaker’s thoughts turn to the apples themselves. He describes how some of the apples were too high to reach and were left unpicked. He also notes that some of the apples were “over-crowded” and that he had to shake the tree to get them to fall. The speaker then reflects on the apples that he did manage to pick, saying that they were “all fermented” and that he had “had too much / Of apple-picking.”

after apple picking summary

The poem then takes a turn as the speaker’s thoughts become more reflective. He muses on the nature of sleep, noting that he has “had too much / Of the apple-scented breath of sleep.” He then contemplates his dreams, saying that he has “had too much / Of a restful sleep” and that his dreams have been “troubling.” The speaker wonders whether his dreams have been caused by the apples he has been picking or by his own thoughts.

In the final stanzas of the poem, the speaker’s thoughts turn to the end of the harvest season. He notes that the apples that were left unpicked will soon be lost to the winter weather. He also reflects on his own mortality, saying that he is “overtired / Of the great harvest [he] himself desired.” The poem ends with the speaker imagining himself falling into a deep sleep, surrounded by the scent of apples.

The poem “After Apple Picking” is a meditation on the passage of time and the inevitability of mortality. The speaker’s reflections on the apple-picking process become a metaphor for the larger themes of the poem. The apples, which represent the fruits of the speaker’s labors, are also a symbol of the passing of time and the approach of winter. In the end, the poem is a poignant reflection on the cycle of life and the inevitability of death.

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